Devolution of broadcasting

16 August 2007 – The Chair of MediaWise, Charles Fletcher, has called for the devolution of broadcast regulation if broadcasting responsibility is devolved from Westminster to Holyrood.

“It makes common sense to devolve regulation at the same time as responsibility of broadcasting to the Scots Parliament.

“It would be ludicrous to have a UK regulatory body sitting in London with all the power that commands, whilst having the responsibility of broadcasting resting with the MSPs in Holyrood,” he said.

“If media responsibility is devolved, there is no question that regulation must follow. Ofcom already has an established base in Scotland. It should be given the autonomy to regulate directly for Scotland, whilst retaining close working links with its colleagues in London.”

In 2006 MediaWise made a similar call for self-regulation of the press to be devolved to Scotland, bringing it closer to readers. Today 16 Aug 2007, the London-based Press Complaints Commission, which is funded by Pressbof, the print industry body based in Glasgow, announced the appointment of new lay commissioner Esther Roberton, director of the Scottish Council for Development and Industry, a former Chair of the Scottish Further Education Funding Council, and NHS Fife.

For further information contact Charles Fletcher MBE +44 07774 405 279.

(Bulletin No 142)

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