MediaWise believes that journalists and other media professionals should cultivate a relationship of trust with the public on whose behalf they exercise press freedom. In our view, accuracy is the key to trust. In compiling this website we have sought to check information and to express opinions honestly.

That is our endeavour. Ideally anyone intending to publish information should first check its provenance. We would urge anyone intending to make use of information that appears on these pages either to check facts for themselves or to quote verbatim from our material and clearly attribute its source.

Data can change over time, and MediaWise will seek to correct and update this site regularly.

The Trust cannot take responsibility for the veracity of material published on sites to which this one is linked. These links are provided for the convenience of our visitors. We advise them to consult the accuracy, copyright and privacy policies of every site they visit before making use of material.

If you discover inaccurate materials on the MediaWise website please contact us at once on info@mediawise.org.uk with details and references.

Unless otherwise stated copyright in material published on this site resides with the named author and/or The MediaWise Trust. The Trust is happy for any material published on its site to be quoted by journalists, researchers and students providing it is properly acknowledged.

Material downloaded from this site should not be altered or misrepresented, and may be republished only with full acknowledgement of its source. Please email MediaWise on info@mediawise.org.uk with your request, clearly indicating the context in which the material is to be used.

MediaWise respects the moral rights of the originators of materials that are not in the copyright of the Trust. Anyone wishing to make use of such material should first obtain the consent of the author.

‘Electronic copying needs the permission of the copyright holder, or a licence, in the same way as paper copying,’ explains the UK Copyright Licensing Agency.

MediaWise supports the view that respecting copyright and acknowledging an author’s moral rights encourages creativity.

If you believe that this site contains material in breach of copyright please contact us at once IN WRITING, clearly identifying the material that is claimed to have been published on the site in breach of copyright, and precise details of the source of the original work including dates of publication, publisher, title, author, ISBN No. or equivalent, and sufficient information to enable MediaWise to contact the owner of copyright or an authorised agent; along with a signed statement that the information supplied is accurate, and that the complainant is authorised to act on behalf of the owner of an exclusive right that has allegedly been infringed.

Equal Opportunities (adopted by the Trustees, 1 July 1999)
MediaWise is committed to equality of opportunity in its employment policies and the services it provides, and aims to ensure that service delivery is determined solely by the application of objective criteria.

No client will be treated less favourably than another on the grounds of gender, marital status, race, nationality, ethnic or national origin, colour, creed, religion, disability, sexual identity, or age.

Service criteria and procedures will be kept under review to ensure that equality of opportunity is maintained and advanced.

Equal opportunities have always been at the core of our work in assisting members of the public in their dealings with the media, especially as many ‘victims of media abuse’ are women or members of groups in society that are vulnerable to discrimination.

The MediaWise Trust welcomes all visitors to its website. Unless otherwise indicated, visitors may make use of our information and services providing they acknowledge its source. Ideally they should let us know when and how they intend to use our information.

MediaWise is registered under the Data Protection Act.

It is MediaWise policy not to interfere with the freedom and privacy of those visiting our site, nor to provide information about our visitors to third parties. However we do reserve the right to monitor the visits to our site, to check the popularity of particular pages and to assist us in the future development of the site.

This will not provide us with any personal information about our visitors.

MediaWise offers a guarantee of confidentiality to clients seeking advice about complaints against the media. Our staff risk instant dismissal for abuse of confidences.

There are plenty of opportunities within the site for visitors to make direct contact with MediaWise. We shall respond as quickly as we can.

This privacy policy does not apply to all other sites to which links are provided through this site. MediaWise would advise all web users to check the privacy statements of all sites that they visit, and to seek details of what personal information is collected and with whom it is to be shared.

If you have any concerns about the protection of your privacy while visiting this suite, or comments about this policy statement, please contact us on info@mediawise.org.uk.