MediaWise offers use-of-the-media training for non-governmental organisations, and specialist training for media professionals, and has earned an international reputation for its imaginative approach.

MEDIA LITERACY is central to the MediaWise approach. We believe that journalism is enhanced when voluntary sector groups appreciate the needs and constraints of media professionals, and voluntary groups and charities are better able to serve their clients if they have effective media policies and strategies.

Effective media training is about helping people to appreciate how the mass media operate – their motives, priorities and constraints – as well as developing the skills needed for a professional approach that will make all the difference.

The best people to advise on how to handle the media are people who know the business inside out. That’s why we employ working journalists to deliver training workshops and consultancies, and our clients have the benefit of knowing that MediaWise is always here to help them with any difficulties they experience, especially if they need to complain about inaccurate or inappropriate coverage.

Our clients have ranged from pensioners, single-parents, surrogate mothers and prisoners’ families in the UK, to children living on the streets of the Cusco region of Peru and Delhi in India, whom we provided with digital radio equipment to make their own broadcasts.

MediaWise courses for NGOs:

  • Preparing for radio and television interviews
  • Making complaints and obtaining redress
  • Countering media misrepresentation
  • The perils of chequebook journalism
  • Media policies and media strategies
  • Community newspaper production
  • Crisis management and the media
  • Managing public relations events
  • Commissioning corporate videos
  • Monitoring the press and media
  • Setting up photo-opportunities
  • Organising media networks
  • Running press conferences
  • How to be a press officer
  • How the media operate
  • Writing press releases
  • Producing newsletters
  • Careers in journalism
  • Journalistic ethics
  • Media regulation
  • Public speaking


Revenue raised from our training activities helps to fund our free advice service about inaccurate or intrusive print and broadcast journalism.

Ethics training for journalists

MediaWise has also devised and delivered training for media professionals to help them tackle problematic issues such as child abuse, diversity reporting, health issues and suicide coverage, in the UK and internationally.

We have worked in more than 30 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe and the Pacific Rim.

Our clients have included the Media Diversity Institute, the International Federation of Journalists, UNICEF, UNHCR and WHO.

What they say about our training

“Your training opened our eyes to the workings of the media, and enabled us to handle often hostile questioning calmly, and present our case rationally and succinctly. (It was) an enormous benefit to me, as a complete amateur with no knowledge of how the media operates and the constraints under which they work.”
Voluntary sector press officer

“The training day was really positive… Within one week we had extensive local and national coverage… This raised our profile, and is beginning to pay off in terms of recruiting local volunteers, which was our aim.”
SW regional carers’ group

“You offer invaluable advice and training on how the media works, together with an impressive service in dealing with press and broadcasting complaints.”
National mental health organisation

“The tutor was a professional, an expert in this field. From the start he established confidence – no patronising attitudes. Blissful! Sessions were instructive, demanding our attention and contribution … supplemented by excellent written materials.”
London women pensioners group

“Engaging style, effective materials”… “I liked the fact the focus was on what people had to say not on flash hi-tech presentation”… “A great experience, interesting methods, tricks and games. You’ve encouraged me…”

Our rates are negotiable according to the resources of the client and the nature of the training.

For more information please do contact us on +44 (0) 7968 031 532 or email mediawisetrust (at)