In 1997 PressWise began looking for partners and funding to examine the consequences of inaccurate and sensational coverage of asylum-seekers, refugees, Roma and other ‘non-settled’ groups. Two years later we were able to launch the Refugees, Asylum-seekers and the Media (RAM) Project to promote best practice in media coverage of refugee and asylum issues.

Reporting Difference in Dungannon (2009)
Commissioned by Dungannon & South Tyrone Council, this study was conducted by MediaWise in conjunction with the Journalism Policy & Practice Research Group at the University of the West of England (UWE). It reviews recent local press coverage of minority groups and suggests ways in which the council, the media, the police and community organisations might work together to ensure fair and accurate coverage in the future. However, publication of the report was cancelled by the Council at the eleventh hour.

Reporting Asylum and Refugee Issues (2004/2008)
Produced by MediaWise for the NUJ Ethics Council, with support from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the Information Centre About Asylum & Refugees (ICAR). It contains a guide to terminology, a list of useful resources and other information. The leaflet was originally launched in 2004, but was revised and updated in January 2008.

Portrayal and participation of minorities in the media (2007)
This paper was presented by MediaWise Director Mike Jempson at the Race and Media Conference, organised by the University of Ulster’s International Conflict Research (INCORE) centre, on 3 October 2007.

Exiled Journalists in Europe (2006)
Edited by Rich Cookson, Mike Jempson and Forward Maisokwadzo, this journalistic investigation provides a snapshot of the support available for journalists living in exile in Europe. It was published to coincide with a conference to launch the Exiled Journalists’ Network and is dedicated to all those media professionals who have lost their lives in the course of their work. It was made possible with funding from the Open Society Institute.

The RAM Report (2005)
Edited by Rich Cookson and Mike Jempson, The RAM Report: campaigning for fair and accurate coverage of refugees and asylum seekers explains every aspect of the ground-breaking work conducted by the RAM Project since 1999. It is designed to assist minority groups develop strategies that will improve media coverage of their issues. It was prepared with financial assistance from the Home Office Refugee Integration Challenge Fund.

Making a meal of a myth (2004)
On 4 July 2003, The Sun ran the front page headline ‘Swan Bake’. The story falsely claimed asylum seekers were caught ‘barbecuing a duck’ with ‘2 swans for roasting’ in a London park. Nick Medic investigates.

UK media coverage of asylum seekers and refugees (2004)
Speech by former RAM Project Communications Officer Forward Maisokwadzo, given on 14 June 2004 at a conference organised by the AMITY Media Group in Leicester, as part of Refugee Week.

On the Receiving End: Exiled Journalists Speak Out (2003)
Made by PressWise in association with Omni Productions, On the Receiving End is a 15-minute film in which refugees discuss the experience of exile and reactions to media coverage of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK. It had its UK premiere at the Article 19 seminar on Refugees and the UK Media on 15 May 2003. BBC editorial policy chief Stephen Whittle immediately asked if it could be shown it at a special meeting of senior editors in June. The following day Home Office officials asked if it could be shown at the annual review of the work of its Refugee Integration Unit.

Directory of Exiled Journalists (2003)
Launched in May 2003, the RAM Project Directory of Exiled Journalists contains biographies, photographs and stories of over 40 men and women who fled their homeland after being persecuted for trying to tell the truth. Copies of the limited edition Directory, endorsed by high-profile UK media figures, were sent to employers in all major UK media outlets. The aim of the Directory is to ensure that the talents and abilities of exiled journalists are recognized, and they will be given an opportunity to work in UK newsrooms.

The challenge of reporting refugees and asylum seekers (2003)
Compiled by Nissa Finney for Information Centre about Asylum and Refugees (ICAR) and published by PressWise in May 2003. It reports on regional media events organised by the RAM Project which aimed to bring together representatives of the refugee and asylum seeker support sector, the media, refugees and asylum seekers and other interested parties to explore the difficulties of reporting refugee and asylum issues at a local level and to recommend how these could be overcome for the benefit of all.

Refugees, Asylum-seekers and the Media Forum (2001)
A major one day national event, which brought together exiled journalists, refugee organisations, UK media professionals, media regulators, politicians and academics to discuss the representation of refugees and asylum-seekers in the UK media.

Further resources on the media and refugees are available here.