On the Receiving End: Exiled Journalists Speak Out

Produced by Omni Productions in association with The PressWise Trust, On the Receiving End: Exiled Journalists Speak Out is a 15-minute film in which refugees discuss the experience of exile and reactions to media coverage of refugees and asylum seekers in the UK.

It featuries Ghias Aljundi, Miwanda Bagenda, Gordon Doh Fondo, Faqir Mayvand, Nikola Medic, Nela Milic, Guy Momat, Nicolette Muzazi, Abu Bakar Shaw, Ibrahim Seaga Shaw and Sandi Topic.

Directors: Ekrem Rrahmani and Scott Sansom
Editor/Producer: Sam Hearn
Production Assistant: Gordon Doh Fondo
Executive Producer: Mike Jempson

On the Receiving End had its UK premiere at the Article 19 seminar on Refugees and the UK Media on 15 May.

BBC editorial policy chief Stephen Whittle immediately asked if it could be shown it at a special meeting of senior editors in June. The following day Home Office officials asked if it could be shown at the annual review of the work of its Refugee Integration Unit.

DVD copies are available from MediaWise for £7.50 (inc. p&p). Please contact info@mediawise.org.uk