MediaWise has taken a keen interest in promoting diversity within the media, not least because minorities are the most vulnerable to misrepresentation and abuse.

We contributed to the UK Roundtable Against Racism and Xenophobia, an initiative linked to the European Observatory on Racism and Xenophobia; we supported the IFJ-backed website Diversity Online; built links with the Pan-European UNITED for Intercultural Action; and supported the Creative Collective project to improve opportunities for ethnic minorities media workers, backed by The Chronicle and the now defunct European Centre of the Freedom Forum.

After our 1997 Forum, the Broadcasting Standards Commission researched the representation of young black and Asian people on television; the Commission for Racial Equality issued guidelines on coverage of Gypsies and Travellers, an issue in which we have taken particular interest; and we developed the RAM Project.

Articles, reports and guidelines for best practice on:

MediaWise/PressWise articles and reports

  • Diversity Calendar (2015)
    List of events and dates for journalists seeking to be more inclusive in their reporting.
  • Access to the Information Society (1998)
    An international conference and exhibition organised by PressWise on behalf of the EC Information Society Forum to examine the democratic issues raised when people with disabilities, older people, ethnic minorities and others are denied access to communications technology.
  • The Bristol Declaration (1998)
    Statement devised for the Access to the Information Society event.

Other articles, reports and useful links