Board of Trustees

David Baines is a lecturer in journalism and the sociology of journalism at Newcastle University. A former daily newspaper journalist, he is  member of the National Union of Journalists’ Professional Taining Committee. His research interests include the development of hyper-local journalisms, the changes taking place in the way communities use journalism and ethnic diversity within the news industry workforce(s).

Bob Borzello edited one of the first American ‘supermarket tabloids’ before coming to Britain in the 1960s, where he founded and managed Camden Graphics, Camden Press and The Camden Trust. During the 80s and early 90s, working through the Press Council, he campaigned vigorously against racism in the press. In particular, he targeted the practice of describing a person’s colour, race or ethnic origins in a pejorative or prejudicial context when this was not relevant to the story. His campaign is generally credited with bringing this practice to an end. His effective use of third party complaints led to their virtual ban under the Press Complaints Commission, depriving the general public of the right to complain about PCC Code violations.

Mohammed Elsharif is a journalist and linguist with over 10 years experience in journalism, translation, interpretation and education. He was a founder member and Chair of the Exiled Journalists’ Network from 2005 until 2009. He currently works as a Health Improvement Manager in the NHS as well as studying for a PhD in journalism.

Forward Maisokwadzo is a former employee of MediaWise, who worked as the Communications Officer for The RAM Project. He then became Co-ordinator of the Exiled Journalists’ Network. He is now Development Worker for City of Sanctuary – Bristol.

Dr Christien van den Anker is a Reader in Politics and Director of the UWE Human Rights Unit, and is regularly requested for interview by local and regional radio programmes. She has contributed to national TV and radio programmes and her research has also been featured in the Guardian. She also plays a key role in briefing national and international journalists writing on contemporary forms of slavery especially trafficking in human beings.