Media and children – further resources

Television advertising of food and drink products to children
Published by Ofcom on 22 February 2007.

Food Marketing to Children and Youth: Threat or Opportunity?
Published by the Institute of Medicine, 2006.

Childhood Obesity – Food Advertising in Context
Research requested by the Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport and published by Ofcom, 22 July 2004.

Report by the APA Task Force on Advertising and Children
By the American Psychologist Association (APA), February 2004.

Copycat Kids? The Influence of Television Advertising on Children and Teenagers
Report by Pam Hanley of ITC in conjunction with The Qualitative Consultancy, October 2000.

Children in the media
Journalists need to stop exploiting children’s social media profiles
Comment piece by Faith Gordon, New Statesman, 2016

Children in programmes
Independent research report by Sherbert Research for Ofcom, 12 December 2007.

For the sake of the children
By Fiona Millar, published in British Journalism Review, Vol 18, No 1, March 2007.

Giving children a voice in the media
By Kavita Ratna, of The Concerned for Working Children, Bangalore, February 2007.

Profits vs Rights?
Report on the identifying of children who have been abused or witnessed crimes, Media Monitoring Project, South Africa, December 2005.

The plight of ‘ordinary children’ in the media
By Howard Williamson, vice-chair of the Wales Youth Agency, for YPN, 14 July 2004.

Consenting Children?: The use of children in non-fiction television programmes
By Maire Messenger Davies and Nick Mosdell, Cardiff University, for the BSC, June 2001.

Guidelines for reporting young people involved in crime
By Cleland Thom of Journalism Training Services, January 2006.

Ignoring the facts is the biggest crime
Report from Shape: Children’s Lives and the Youth Crime Debate.

Gender, sex and relationships
Girls and Boys and Television: The Role of Gender
Articles from International Central Institute for Youth and Educational Television (IZI), June 2008.

Young People, Media and Personal Relationships
By David Buckingham and Sara Bragg, November 2003.

Children, Television and Gender Roles
By Helen Ingham, University of Aberystwyth, April 1997.

The Complete Guide to Online Parental Controls
Guidance on setting up parental restrictions online, August 2020.

17 Rules to Protect My Child Online – Internet Safety for Kids
Advice from BroadbandSearch.

Explaining the News to Our Kids
Advice from Common Sense Media, August 2019.

Guidance Notes
Non-binding guidance on protecting under eighteens, published by Ofcom, 12 December 2007.

UNICEF congratulates media code of conduct on reporting on children’s issues
Code signed following a three day MediaWise/UNICEF training seminar, November 2004.

Telling Their Stories: Child rights, exploitation and the media
Guidelines from the IFJ with the support of the European Commission.

Principles for ethical reporting on children
From the UNICEF Media Team.

Beyond Puff: Writing About Kids
By Kelly McBride of the Poynter Institute, October 2003.

Teen Reporter Handbook: How to make your own radio diary
Written by Joe Richman, Producer of Teenage Diaries on National Public Radio, 2000.

Children’s Rights & Media: Guidelines & principles for reporting on children’s issues
Published by the International Federation of Journalists (IFJ), 2 May 1998.

Reporting on children in the context of HIV/AIDS
Journalist’s resource compiled by the Children’s Institute, the Centre for Social Science Research, the Media Monitoring Project, and the HIV/AIDS and the Media Project.

Health Panel Explores Impact of Media on Youth Behavior
By Maria Nghidinwa, posted on on 8 June 2004.

The Role of Media in Childhood Obesity
By the Kaiser Family Foundation, February 2004.

Human rights
Another Perspective: How journalists can promote children’s human rights and equality
Children’s Rights Alliance for England report, published March 2009.

Media consumption
Children and Parents: Media Use and Attitudes Report  
Ofcom’s annual report on media use, attitudes and understanding among children and young people aged 5-15.

Children’s service review
Report by the BBC Trust, 10 February 2009.

Safer Children in a Digital World: the report of the Byron Review
Report by Dr Tanya Byron, published 27 March 2008.

What Children Watch
Analysis of Children’s programming provision, produced by the BSC and ITC, June 2003.

Striking a balance: The control of children’s media consumption
Report by Pam Hanley (ITC), for the BBC, BSC and ITC, September 2002.

Media literacy
Media Literacy Audit: Report on media literacy amongst children
Published by Ofcom, May 2006.

The Media Literacy of Children and Young People
By David Buckingham (Youth and Media Institute for Children) published by Ofcom, 10 February 2005.

Children’s Understanding of What is ‘Real’ on Television: A review of the literature
By Daniel Chandler, University of Aberystwyth, printed in Journal of Educational Media, 23(1), 1997.

Children’s rights and equality in the newspapers
Review of the national print media by Children’s Rights Alliance for England (CRAE), May 2009.

Children’s views not in the news: Portayal of Children in South African Print Media 2009
Published by Media Monitoring Africa.

State of the World’s Children 2007: Women and Children
Published by UNICEF, December 2006.

Children, Youth and Media Around the World: An Overview of Trends & Issues
Produced by Susan Gigli of the InterMedia Survey Institute for UNICEF, April 2004.

Consultation With Young People on the Proposed Ofcom Broadcasting Code
Research study by The Dream Mill for Ofcom, published in September 2005.

How children interpret screen violence
By Andrea Millwood Hargarve, for the BBC, BBFC, ITC and BSC, September 2003.