Media and refugees – further resources

Migration coverage in Europe’s media
A comparative analysis in 17 countries, compiled by the European Journalism Observatory and Otto Brenner Stiftung, January 2020.

How the media contributed to the migrant crisis
Disaster reporting plays to set ideas about people from ‘over there’, says Daniel Trilling in The Guardian, August 2019.

Migration Reporting Guidelines
Produced by the Ethical Journaism Network.

Press Coverage of the Refugee and Migrant Crisis in the EU: A Content Analysis of Five European Countries
Report prepared for the United Nations High Commission for Refugees, December 2015.

Bulgarians and Romanians in the British national press
Report by the Migration Observatory at Oxford University, 18 August 2014.

Covering Migration: Challenges Met and Unmet – A Look at Switzerland
Report from the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations, May 2013.

Media and Immigration
Report on two symposia organised by the French-American Foundation, June 2011. MediaWise attended the first symposium in Paris in 2009.

Chance or Choice: Understanding why asylum seekers come to the UK
Research from the Refugee Council, 14 January 2010.

Immigration Status: When Relevant in Crime Stories?
By Mizanur Rahman, published by Poynter Institute, 22 April 2008.

Reporting Asylum: The UK Press and the Effectiveness of PCC Guidelines
ICAR report on the efficacy of PCC guidelines, March 2007. MediaWise acted as Project Adviser and also helped conduct research for the report.

Fair Play: Refugees and Asylum Seekers in Scotland: A Guide for Journalists
Guidebook published by Oxfam in association with Amnesty International and the National Union of Journalists, 2007.

A matter of grammar and law
Notes on language in immigration stories in the US, by Ricardo Pimentel, Poynter, June 2006.

PCC rejects complaint on Daily Express’ ‘Bombers are all spongeing asylum seekers’ headline
Details of the CPBF complaint, rejected on 15 November 2005.

Media Image, Community Impact
Published on 13 July 2004, Media image, community impact investigates the influence of media coverage on people’s attitudes towards refugees and asylum seekers. It is the first report to explore this issue. The report was commissioned by the Mayor of London Ken Livingstone and the research conducted by the Information Centre about Asylum and Refugees in the UK (ICAR) from August – October 2003. MediaWise Director Mike Jempson was an adviser to the project.

Negative media coverage – the same old story
by Lionel Morrison of the NUJ Ethics Council, published by Amnesty, February 2004.

Guidelines for journalists on proper coverage of refugee-related topics
by Lionel Morrison of the NUJ Ethics Council, published by Amnesty, February 2004.

What’s the Story?
Article 19 report on research into media coverage of asylum seekers, November 2003.