Armenia – Gyumri (2002)

Professional principles of journalists in Gyumri, published on 23 August 2002.

Gyumri is the second city in Armenia, located in the northwest of the country.

We – Gyumri journalists, remaining faithful to our profession – accept the following professional principles that we have developed by ourselves.

1. We seek the truth and deliver it to people. In doing this we work honestly, in conscience, impartially, consistently, and frankly. We are sure that studying multiple opinions and opposing opinions are necessary for revealing the truth.

2. We differentiate fact from commentary, and try not to offer the one instead of the other to the public.

3. We are merely informational mediators between events and society. We do our best for our products not to appear to offer multiple meanings or to be wrongly understood, but rather to express what we want to inform. We do not slander or offend. We try not to misinform. We do not conceal information, which could harm public well-being.

4. We respect the right of presumption of innocence. We expose conflicts or court cases on the principles of impartiality and neutrality. We try to be gentle and careful towards our critics. We do not abuse or exploit the situation of our vulnerable groups and victims of calamities. 

5. We are responsible to our clients for our products. We acknowledge our flaws and errors in a dignified manner, and when mistakes are made, we try to correct them urgently and use all possible means to do so.

6. We feel obligated to indirectly monitor the social life and the work of authorities. We are convinced that honest criticism serves the development of our city and country. We condemn not people but their actions or inactions.

7. We strictly reject censorship, obtrusion of any kind of authorities or capital, the pressure on our professional opinion. No one can intimidate us.  We refuse work that runs contrary to our will and beliefs.

8. We show respect for human rights and consider the public interest superior to any personal benefits and interests. From this and other standpoints, we try to protect the information sources that provide us with important information and require protection.

9. We do not accept privileges, favours, benefits, special treatment, or gifts from the individuals and legal bodies from area of our professional interests, which might even slightly affect our professional independence.

10. We do not use the high vocation of the journalist, our profession and work in the interest of others or in our personal interest. We do not produce advertisements. We do not follow private interests. Our journalistic products cannot be confused with advertising; our products can never be confused with advertisements. 

11. We do not make sexual, religious, ethnic, racial, mental, physical, or other discrimination in our work. We do not promote or encourage intolerance, prejudice, or stereotypes. 

12. We refuse plagiarism and violation of any law. In our work and during conflicts we follow our will, the legislation of the territory we are in, this bylaw, dignity, and the advice of our fellow journalists in solidarity.

13. We provide our services to different customers (Mass Media) only if there is no conflict of interests.

August 23, 2002, Gyumri bylaw


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