Brazil – National Association of Newspapers (1991)

Code of Conduct of the National Association of Newspapers (ANJ), approved by the publishers’ association in 1991.

The newspapers affiliated to the ANJ commit themselves to respecting the following principles:

1. Maintain their independence.

2. Support freedom of expression, the unrestricted operation of the press and the free exercise of the profession.

3. Seek the truth about events of public interest and publish it without letting any special interest interfere with the publication.

4. Defend human rights, democratic values and free enterprise.

5. Enable their readers to access various versions of the facts and the different currents of opinion in society.

6. Insure a right of reply for people or institutions that have been accused in their pages of illegal acts or obnoxious behaviour, by publishing their sober protests.

7. Preserve the anonymity of their sources.

8. Respect the right of every individual to his/her privacy, unless such respect prevents the publication of news that is in the public interest.

9. Differentiate, in a manner that is clear and comprehensible to the readers, editorial copy from advertising material.

10. Correct errors committed by their publications.

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