Cambodia – Club of Cambodian Journalists

Code of Conduct of the Club of Cambodian Journalists.

The Club of Cambodian Journalists has developed a Code of Conducts that reflects professional characteristics that can be used as reference by the publishers, the editors and all journalists so that they keep in mind their responsibility in front of the public, and can then enhance their reputation and own-power as independent journalists having the freedom to express their opinion and critiques. The following is the CCJ Code of Conducts:

1. The writing shall be enhanced and the publication shall be true and right. The collection of information shall be based on honesty, dignity and justice so that the information is right without any exaggeration or falsification.

2. To double-check the information before publishing to ensure that the fact is true and clear.

3. To well distinguish the difference between the information and the opinion / expression so as to show what is the reality of the information and what is the freedom of expression.

4. All criticism shall be made with dignity in conformity with professionalism.

5. Any publication on individual life shall be made with great attention to avoid abuse or affection to personal rights in general.

6. To keep secret the source of information, and do not use own power in publication to reveal the identity of the source without prior agreement.

7. Reports on criminal acts that are still under investigation or not yet tried by the court as well as any comment shall be prohibited. Do not publish photos of minor involved in civil or criminal cases so that the readers can recognize her/his name or characteristics.

8. Be responsible for all unreal/wrong publication, then make the correction; this is the obligation of the publishers.

9. To refuse to write or publish unreal texts that can benefit the business of an individual or a group. The publishers and the editors shall distinguish the difference between news stories and promotion stories or advertisement. Doing like this shall strengthen the prestige and the independent profession of the journalists.

10. Always keep improving individual competence, protecting individual copyright by avoiding taking others’ works or ideas as your own. Do not publish obscene pictures; tragic pictures shall be published by hiding the identity; texts that harm the national customs and tradition shall be prohibited.

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