Greece – ANT-1 (1993)

Code of Ethics of the Television Network ANT-1, made public in 1993. Observance of this code is required of all the journalists of ANT-1, the second largest commercial TV network in the country. It was first made public in January 1993 by the President of the company.

1. The first duty of journalists is to respect the truth and the right of citizens to be informed.

2. In order to assume this duty, a journalist must ceaselessly defend the principle of freedom in the collection and publication of information – but also his right objectively to criticise that information.

3. A journalist must only handle true information whose source he knows. Besides, a journalist should not hide important news or distort documents.

4. A journalist should use honest methods to obtain information, photos or documents.

5. A journalist must do everything in his power to correct a published piece of information whenever it turns out to be inaccurate.

6. A journalist must keep professional secrecy in all circumstances and should not reveal his sources.

7. A journalist must be aware of the danger caused by social discrimination induced by the mass media and must make sure that his articles will not pursue the process.

8. A journalist must consider as serious professional faults the following behaviours:
– stealing intellectual property;
– willingly distort information;
– slander, defamation, insulting articles and unjustified accusations;
– accepting any kind of bribe either to publish or to kill a story.

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