Kazakhstan – Code of ethics for journalists in addressing ethnic relations (1997)

Code of ethics for journalists in addressing ethnic relations in the Republic of Kazakhstan, published in Kazakhstanskaya Pravda, a government newspaper, on 7 June 1997, it was endorsed by 36 other government and non governmental newspapers, and six broadcast stations.

TAKING INTO ACCOUNT that freedom of speech is a fundamental right of man, and considering Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which proclaims the right to seek, obtain and distribute information, and following from Article 20 of the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in which it is declared that freedom of speech and freedom to obtain and distribute information by any non-prohibited means is guaranteed, censorship is forbidden.

Propaganda and agitation for changing the constitutional order by force, violations of the integrity of the Republic, undermining the security of the state, war, social and racial, national, religious, class and ancestral superiority, and factions supporting cruelty and violence are not permitted;

EMPHASISING the important role of information in implementing human rights and freedoms, building a civil society in a democratic and lawful state;

CONSIDERING that the multiethnic population of Kazakhstan has been formed over several decades, organically absorbing into itself the complete spectrum of people, languages, religions, customs and traditions;

BEING CONSCIOUS of our responsibility for preserving and strengthening inter-ethnic peace, we subscribe to the following code, and declare our desire to observe the following principles:

– Consolidating the multiethnic people of Kazakhstan as a society whose citizens are equal in their rights;

– Respecting human rights and freedoms regardless of ethnicity;

– Creating an atmosphere of friendship, peace and accord;

– Respecting the dignity of each individual;

– Abstaining from any form of instigation which incites inter-ethnic violence, hatred and discrimination;

– Preventing political, ideological passions and propaganda which kindle racial and ethnic hostility;

– Assisting in the formation of civil responsibility, state identity and Kazakhstani patriotism;

– Putting the interests of the people of Kazakhstan in first place;

– Promoting mutual respect and trust among the various ethnic groups of the Republic;

– Strengthening the long-standing traditions of inter-ethnic accord in Kazakhstan.

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