Mongolia – Daily News (2003)

Code of Conduct of the Daily News’ staff, approved at a meeting on 7 January 2003.

1. Staff members are obliged to seek true information and not to conceal it. As the news is obtained they have to inform the editorial board immediately.

2. Staff should not conceal their identity and purpose for obtaining information.

3. News obtained must be verified by information taken from different sources.

4. Staff should not introduce their interests or opinions in news stories.

5. Every time they should find out whether the person providing news has any private or business interests.

6. In case a person providing news has requested that his/her identity be concealed, the staff should take ap-propriate measures.

7. Staff should avoid getting information on the phone. If information is obtained on the phone it should be checked in person and verified thoroughly.

8. If staff use news from foreign and domestic media sources they must indicate their sources of information.

9. Staff should not accept invitations to receptions or dinners which might be related somehow to their professional business.

10. If staff have been offered gifts or benefits because of their professional position, they should transfer them to the editorial board.

11. During holidays, weekends and time out only a correspondent designated by the editorial board shall be on duty.

12. The ID card given by the newspaper should not be used for private purposes.

13. If a staff journalist free lances he/she must inform the editorial board.

14. Staff shall not perform their duties while under the influence of alcohol.

15. If staff cause any damage to the newspaper and it is their fault they have to pay the cost of damage. If the damage is intangible he/she should suggest how to compensate for the damage.

16. Staff should not write any material encouraging crime or violence and advertising for alcoholic or tobacco products.

17. Any paid information or advertisement should not be published without prior approval by the editorial board.

18. The Code of Conduct for Daily News staff shall be disseminated among public and the newspaper shall be informed whenever the Code of Conduct has been violated by our staff.

19. If the editorial board receives any information on possible violation of the Code by its staff it shall discuss the issue and make the appropriate decision.

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