Nigeria – Nigerian Guild of Editors (1972)

Code of Conduct adopted at the second annual conference of the Nigerian Guild of Editors in 1972.

1. Abuse of the rights of the press are punishable by law. Indeed, the Law of Libel, civil as well as criminal and the Law of Contempt, deal adequately with such abuse.

2. Any abuse of the rights of the press, therefore, cannot be the objective of declaration.

3. But experience has shown many lapses in the practice of the profession and it has for long become apparent that a code of conduct must be established as among practising journalists themselves, if they must fulfil their true functions and if a standard below which journalists may not be expected to fall may be laid down.

It is in pursuance of these objectives that we hereby solemnly declare:
1. That the public is entitled to the truth and that only correct information can form the basis for sound journalism and ensure the confidence of the people.

2. That it is the moral duty of every journalist to have respect for the truth and to publish or prepare for publication only the truth and to the best of his knowledge.

3. That it is the duty of the journalist to publish only facts: never to suppress such facts as he knows; never to falsify either to suit his own purposes, or any other purposes.

4. That it is the duty of the journalist to refuse any reward for publishing or suppressing news or comments, other than salary and allowances legitimately earned in the discharge of his professional duties.

5. That the journalist shall employ all legitimate means in the collection of news and he shall defend at all times the right to free access, provided that due regard is paid to the privacy of information.

6. That once information has been collected and published the journalist shall observe the universally accepted principle of secrecy and shall not disclose the source of information obtained in confidence.

7. That it is the duty of the journalist to regard plagiarism as unethical.

8. That it is the duty of every journalist to correct any published information found to be incorrect.

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