Philippines – Philippine Center for Photojournalism (2011)

Code of Ethics of the Philippine Center for Photojournalism, March 2011.

Photojournalists and those involve in visual news gathering should uphold the following standards in their line of work:

I shall be truthful, accurate and comprehensive in the representation of subjects.

I shall respect the integrity of the photographic moment and resist participation in staged photo opportunities (drawing).

I shall avoid stereotyping and represent reality without personal bias to race, creed, sex and religious, political and cultural beliefs.

I shall treat all subjects with respect and dignity. I shall presume persons accused of crime of being innocent until proven otherwise. I shall avoid intruding on private moments of grief, crime or tragedy.

I shall not intentionally alter, contribute to or influence events being photographed.

I shall maintain the integrity of the images’ content and context during editing, being careful not to manipulate, add or alter.

I shall not pay, or reward materially, sources or subjects for information or participation.

I shall not let personal motives or interests influence me in the performance of my duties; I shall not accept gifts, favors, or compensation from those who might seek to influence coverage.

I shall avoid actions that can sabotage the efforts of other journalists.

I shall respect other individual’s intellectual and property rights to his or her images and not misrepresent them as my own.

I shall respect the confidentiality of my sources.

I shall resort only to fair and honest methods in my effort to obtain news, photographs or documents.

I shall defend the rights of access for all journalists and strive for total and unrestricted access to subjects and seek  a diversity of viewpoints.

I shall strive by example and influence to maintain the spirit and high standards expressed in this code. Practitioners of this profession should continuously study their craft and the ethics that guide it.

Released on 23 March 2011, on the 16th “monthsary” of the Ampatuan Massacre.

*Adapted from the Philippine Journalist’s Code of Ethics and the Code of the National Press Photographers Association of America (NPPA).


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