Timor Leste – Timor Lorosae Journalist Association

Code of Ethics of Timor Lorosae Journalist Association (TLJA).

1. Respect the rights of public in the pursuit of obtaining correct information.

2. Promote the principles of freedom and fairness in reporting.

3. Provide opportunities for disadvantaged groups in society in getting their voices across.

4. Report only accurate facts with well – supported sources.

5. Do not hide important public information.

6. Use ethical methods in obtaining news, photographs and document.

7. Respect the rights of sources in giving out background, of the –record and embargoed information.

8. Correct wrong stories immediately once they are found to be inaccurate and misleading.

9. Respect confidentiality of sources, victims of sexual assaults, and alleged or convicted under-aged criminals.

10. Avoid news bias, prejudices and discrimination on race, tribe, sex and sexual orientation, language, religion, political orientation, mental/physical disability or other social backgrounds.

11. Respect privacy, unless it disadvantages the public.

12. Do not report news with unnecessary stress on eroticism, physical or sexual violence.

13. Do not use obtained information for personal benefit.

14. Do not accept gifts and payments other than wages and allowances.

15. Do not plagiarize.

16. Avoid defamatory reporting.

[Source: UNESCO]

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