Tunisia – Association of Tunisian Journalists (1975)

Code of ethics, adopted by the Association of Tunisian Journalists, 1975.

The journalist pledges to act to seek the truth and to make it known to public opinion, within the limits of information available to him/her.

The journalist pledges to defend the freedom of the press and to refuse any assignment contrary to the deontology and the honour of the profession.

The journalist shall refrain from signing articles of an advertising character. He also refrains from writing advertising articles in the form of news information.

The journalist shall accept no gifts or special favours when on professional assignment.

The journalist shall refrain from taking advantage of his/her capacity as journalist or of his/her attributions to serve private interests.

The journalist is obliged to quote the authors of passages he/she reprints in his/her writings and shall not resort to plagiarism.

The journalist shall refrain from communicating any fictitious address, quality or information.

The journalist shall respect the views of his/her colleagues and shall refrain from slandering them. He/she shall behave in a spirit of tolerance towards those who do not share his/her views.

The journalist shall abstain from being responsible, as a result of his/her conduct of any kind, for professional prejudices to his/her colleagues. He/she shall also abstain from causing his/her colleagues, as a result of his/her conduct, to be deprived of the possibility to practice their profession.

The journalist shall pledge to act so as to implement effective solidarity among the members of the professional community. He/she is bound to refuse to take over any professional position refused by a colleague of his/her by accepting worse conditions and lower wages than those proposed to his/her colleague.

The journalist shall assume the responsibility of all that is published under his/her signature and with his/her consent. He/she shall refrain from claiming the authorship or from signing the articles he/she has not written.

The journalist shall refuse any partial or total alteration of his/her views and writings.

The journalist shall respect professional secrecy and shall refuse to divulge his/her sources of information.

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