USA – American Newspaper Guild (1934)

Code of Ethics, adopted by the American Newspaper Guild (TNG), at its second annual convention in 1934.

1. That the newspaperman’s first duty is to give the public accurate and unbiased news reports, and that he be guided, in his contacts with the public, by a decent respect for the rights of individuals and groups.

2. That the equality of all men before the law should be observed by the men of the press; that they should not be swayed in news reporting by political, economic, social, racial or religious prejudices, but should be guided only by fact and fairness.

3. That newspapermen should presume persons accused of crime of being innocent until they are convicted, as is the case under the law, and that news accounts dealing with accused persons should be in such form as not to mislead or prejudice the reading public.

4. That the Guild should work through efforts of its members, or by agreement with editors and publishers, to curb the suppression of legitimate news concerning “privileged” persons or groups, including advertisers, commercial powers and friends of newspapermen.

5. That newspapermen shall refuse to reveal confidences or disclose sources of confidential material in court or before other judicial or investigating bodies; and that the newspaperman’s duty to keep confidences shall include those he shared with one employer even after he has changed his employment.

6. That the news be edited exclusively in the editorial rooms instead of in the business office of the daily newspaper.

7. That newspapermen shall behave in a manner indicating independence and decent self-respect in the city room as well as outside, and shall avoid any demeanor that might be interpreted as a desire to curry favor with any person.

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