Latest PressWise activities

Bulletin No 28, 8 September 2000

Local radio stations in Cuzco, Peru, have agreed to broadcast more material by and for children as a result of the latest PressWise initiative under its Representing Lost Childhood project – funded by the Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fund.

A PressWise team headed by Sarah McNeill and Dominic Bailey have just returned from a highly successful radio training workshop in Cuzco, working with Chasquiwawas – a youth media training project initiated and funded by UNICEF. They were partnered in Peru by the Instituto de Defensa Legal.

Future activities
PressWise director Mike Jempson, assisted by journalist Arjum Wajid, will be running a seminar for media professionals at the Centre for Independent Journalism in Prague on Tuesday 19 September. The seminar is part of the Children, Violence and the Media in an Expanding Europe project, run jointly by PressWise and the International Federation of Journalists and funded by the EC Daphne Initiative.

Under the same initiative, PressWise and the IFJ are to host a conference on Tourism and Child Abuse in Brussels on 29 September – 1 October. Details can be found in Bulletins 29-31.

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